• Frankfort, IL - Beginner/Intermediate Mandolin Workshop (1:00PM - 3:00)

Beginner/Intermediate Mandolin Workshop

Steve will conduct his 9th Annual Award Winning Beginner - Intermediate Mandolin Workshop hosted by Down Home Guitars.

We will work on fingerings, new songs, how to learn new songs, learning to learn by Tab and by ear, chords from basic to intermediate forms and see how they move around the fingerboard. We will also go over Rhythm Chops, timing, notes etc.

35 Students Max. Bring a mandolin, tape recorder and lots of questions.

Workshop info: www.downhomeguitars.com
Contact Steve to register or if you have any questions steve@downhomeguitars.com 

Phone: 815-469-6321

Payment options: Check or credit card by phone
Cost - $50 workshop

Workshop Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM


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