Steve and Donna along with Kevin and Trisha Dooley hosted the first African Flatpicking Photo Safari November 10-20, 2014. on the trip was Nic and Lisa Curcia (NJ), John and Donnae Farley (TN), Jim and Louise Hudson (TX), Steve Solomon (VA), Karen Leis (AK) and Bill and Anita Jester (PA). Here are just some of the unbelievable memories of that trip in a daily chronological order as we saw it. Truly awesome and inspiring. Some photos are graphic in nature.

We flew into Johannesburg and drove to the lodge about 5 hours north-east near the border of Botswana. After a full week of Safari and pickin' eight of us headed down  Cape Town for another week. 

A stop for the night on the way the reserve. This was an educational layover learning about the four tribes of South AfricaThe student and spouses group with the four tribes represented.The entire group with Kevin and Trisha Dooley in the front row-left.
Let the Safari begin. 5:30am every morning. Come along and enjoy the journey. The sunsets always ended our photo journey each day. Enjoy....

The next trip is scheduled for November 2016. Contact Kevin to register now.




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